OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I’m pretty sure my love of seafood started right after birth (or even in the womb)! I was born on the pacific coast of Oregon, but my culinary influence is as vast as the many places I’ve experience, lived, and visited. While growing up my mom earned part of her income by selling organic produce to local markets; first in Oregon and later in Wisconsin. I think I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember, but I gained the most experience while completing my undergraduate degree, where I put in “my time” (well almost every cousin has done some amount of time at the Restaurant) cooking at the families local restaurant. There was no set daily dinner menu so we were able to explore new food and techniques while under the guidance and wisdom of “Aunt” Pati and her remarkable culinary expertise.

I hope to share this experience combined with my quest for healthy and fulfilling recipes for those following a pescatarian/vegetarian/vegan diet.



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