Mushroom Burgers With Almonds and Spinach

Ketogenic Recipes: Spinach Burger

The concept of a Spinach Burger offers a unique and nutritious twist on the traditional burger, blending the healthful benefits of leafy greens with the hearty satisfaction of a classic meal. This introduction explores the significance of spinach in culinary traditions, its nutritional value, and the innovative ways it can be incorporated into burgers.

Spinach has long held a place of respect in various culinary traditions around the world, from the savored dishes of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines to the cherished recipes of Asian and European kitchens. Known for its versatile nature, spinach can be enjoyed raw in salads, cooked in soups and stews, or as a vibrant addition to smoothies. Its integration into a burger represents a modern adaptation that speaks to an evolving culinary landscape where health and flavor coalesce beautifully.

Spinach Burger Recipe

Mushroom Burgers With Almonds and Spinach

Spinach Burger

Spinach is renowned for its dense nutritional profile, packed with vitamins (especially vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate), minerals (including iron and magnesium), fibers, and antioxidants. The inclusion of spinach in a burger not only elevates the dish's health benefits but may also add moisture and tenderness to the patty. This enhances the meal's appeal, making it a nutrient-rich option for those seeking to maintain a balanced diet without foregoing indulgences.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine French
Servings 2 people
Calories 698 kcal


  • 1 skillet


  • 1 Tbsp. Olive oil
  • 1 Minced garlic clove
  • 1/4 tsp. Red pepper flakes
  • 2 oz. Gouda cheese
  • 1/4 tsp. Onion powder
  • 1/4 c. Almond flour
  • 1/4 c. Red onion
  • 1 Grated zucchini
  • 6 oz. Cooked spinach
  • 1 Sliced tomato
  • 1 1/2 c. Chopped lettuce
  • 4 slices Cheddar cheese
  • 4 Tbsp. Mayo
  • 4 Keto buns


  • Take out your skillet and heat up some oil inside. Along with your zucchini, add in the spinach, garlic, onion powder, onion, and the red pepper flakes.
  • Cook this so that the vegetables start to turn a golden brown color and then give them some time to cool down.
  • Now, with the vegetables that are soft, you will want to make them into patties and place the almond flour over all of them.
  • Once the patties are done, cook them on the grill for about 2 minutes so that both sides are done.
  • When it is time to serve, cut up the keto buns and place the mayo on the bottom of each one. Place your patties onto the bun before adding the lettuce, tomato and cheese.
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Cooking Tips about Spinach Burger

Spinach and Mushroom Veggie Burgers — Vegetarian or Vegan

  • Choosing the Right Spinach: For a Spinach Burger, both fresh and frozen spinach work well, but they serve different purposes. Fresh spinach is great for adding texture and can be mixed directly into your burger patties or used as a topping. Frozen spinach, on the other hand, is ideal for blending into the patty mix because its moisture content helps bind the ingredients.
  • Pre-preparing the Spinach: If using fresh spinach, make sure to wash it thoroughly. You might want to blanch it quickly in boiling water and then cool it down immediately by plunging it into ice water. This process makes the spinach more pliable and easier to mix into your patties. Make sure to squeeze out all the excess water from the spinach (whether you blanched it or if using frozen) to avoid making your burger mixture too soggy.
  • Incorporating Spinach in the Patty: Finely chop or puree the prepared spinach before adding it to your burger mix. This ensures that the spinach blends well with the other ingredients, offering an even flavor and color throughout the patty. For an extra punch of flavor and nutrients, consider mixing in some spinach pesto.
  • Binding Ingredients: To help keep your Spinach Burger patties together, especially if you’re making a vegetarian or vegan version, use binding agents like eggs, breadcrumbs, oat flour, or ground flaxseeds mixed with water. These ingredients help absorb any excess moisture from the spinach and maintain the patty’s shape during cooking.
  • Seasoning: Spinach pairs well with a variety of spices and herbs. Consider adding garlic, onions, feta cheese, salt, pepper, and a dash of nutmeg to enhance the flavor of your Spinach Burgers. Experiment with different seasonings to find your perfect blend.
  • Cooking Method: Pan-frying or grilling are great methods for cooking your Spinach Burgers. Ensure the pan or grill is well-oiled to prevent sticking. Cook patties on medium heat, allowing them to develop a nice crust on the outside while staying moist and tender inside. If you’re working with a particularly dense patty mixture, consider covering the pan with a lid to ensure it cooks through evenly.
  • Serving Suggestions: Serve your Spinach Burger on a whole-grain bun or a low-carb alternative like lettuce wraps for a lighter option. Top with avocado slices, a light spread of mayonnaise or hummus, and additional fresh spinach leaves for an extra nutrient boost.

Serving suggestions about Spinach Burger

Spinach and Feta Turkey Burgers Recipe |

  • Whole Grain or Gluten-Free Buns: Serve your Spinach Burger on a toasted whole-grain bun for added fiber and nutrients, or opt for a gluten-free bun if dietary restrictions apply. This provides a hearty base that complements the rich flavors of the spinach-infused patty.
  • Avocado or Hummus Spread: Instead of traditional mayo, spread a layer of mashed avocado or hummus on the bun. Both options add a creamy texture and healthy fats without overpowering the spinach burger’s natural taste.
  • Fresh Spinach Leaves and Sprouts: Emphasize the spinach theme by adding fresh spinach leaves and sprouts as toppings. This not only boosts the nutritional profile of your burger but also adds a refreshing crunch.
  • Feta Cheese or Vegan Cheese Option: A sprinkling of crumbled feta cheese lends a tangy contrast to the earthiness of the spinach. For a dairy-free alternative, opt for vegan cheese to maintain that creamy texture without compromising on flavor.
  • Roasted Bell Peppers and Caramelized Onions: Offer a sweet and smoky counterpoint to the Spinach Burger by including roasted bell peppers and caramelized onions as toppings. These vegetables add depth and complexity to each bite.
  • Pickled Cucumbers or Radishes: Introduce a zesty element by garnishing your burger with pickled cucumbers or radishes. The acidity and crunch from the pickles create a pleasing contrast with the savory burger patty.
  • Side of Sweet Potato Fries: Swap out traditional potato fries for sweet potato fries as a side. Their natural sweetness and rich beta-carotene content make them a healthier, flavorful companion to your Spinach Burger.
  • Quinoa Salad: Complement your burger with a light, nutritious quinoa salad mixed with diced vegetables and a lemon-olive oil dressing. This serves as a refreshing side that balances the hearty nature of the burger.
  • Homemade Spinach Chips: For an extra touch of spinach, serve homemade spinach chips on the side. Toss fresh spinach leaves with olive oil and sea salt, then bake until crispy for a snack that doubles down on the meal’s star ingredient.
  • Basil Pesto or Olive Tapenade: Offer basil pesto or olive tapenade as condiments. Either option will marry well with the Spinach Burger, enhancing its Mediterranean flair and introducing an umami-packed layer of flavor.

Top 5 FAQs about Spinach Burger

Spinach Burgers Recipe from H-E-B

  • What are the nutritional benefits of a Spinach Burger? A Spinach Burger offers a rich blend of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants thanks to its main ingredient, spinach. Notably high in vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, iron, and magnesium, a Spinach Burger serves as a nutritious alternative to traditional burgers, contributing to heart health, improved vision, and a boosted immune system.
  • Can I use both fresh and frozen spinach to make Spinach Burgers? Yes, you can use both fresh and frozen spinach to make Spinach Burgers. Fresh spinach adds texture and is excellent for mixing directly into patties or as a topping, while frozen spinach is ideal for blending into the patty mix because its moisture helps bind the ingredients together.
  • How do I prevent my Spinach Burger patties from falling apart? To prevent your Spinach Burger patties from falling apart, ensure to squeeze out all excess moisture from the spinach (especially if using frozen). Additionally, incorporate binding agents like eggs, breadcrumbs, oat flour, or ground flaxseeds mixed with water into your burger mixture to help maintain the patty’s shape during cooking.
  • What are some creative ways to serve a Spinach Burger? Creative serving suggestions for a Spinach Burger include placing it on a toasted whole-grain or gluten-free bun, using avocado or hummus as a spread, adding toppings like fresh spinach leaves, sprouts, roasted bell peppers, or caramelized onions, and opting for cheese options like feta or vegan cheese. For those seeking a low-carb alternative, lettuce wraps can replace traditional buns.
  • Is a Spinach Burger suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets? Yes, a Spinach Burger can be easily adapted to suit vegetarian or vegan diets. For a vegetarian version, ensure that the binding agent used (such as eggs) aligns with dietary preferences. For a vegan Spinach Burger, substitute the eggs with vegan binders like flaxseed meal or chickpea flour and opt for plant-based cheeses and condiments.

In conclusion, the Spinach Burger exemplifies the harmonious blending of tradition with contemporary dietary awareness. It underscores the power of vegetables to not only enrich our meals with essential nutrients but also to inspire creativity in the kitchen. As we continue to seek ways to incorporate more greens into our diets, the Spinach Burger stands out as a testament to how culinary creativity and health-focused eating can come together in deliciously satisfying ways. Whether for a casual weekday dinner or a special gathering, the Spinach Burger offers a flavorful, nutritious option that appeals to a wide array of palates and dietary preferences, making every bite a celebration of taste, tradition, and well-being.


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